MirBSD manpage: activadm(8), cryptoadm(8), snkadm(8), tokenadm(8)

TOKENADM(8)              BSD System Manager's Manual               TOKENADM(8)


     activadm, cryptoadm, snkadm - manage the ActivCard, CRYPTOCard and SNK-
     004 token databases


     tokenadm [-1BDERT] [-d] [-e] [-m [-]mode] [-r] [user [...]]


     The tokenadm utility displays and edits user entries in the various token
     databases. It may also be invoked as one the following: activadm,
     cryptoadm, or snkadm.

     The options are as follows:

     -1      Display users, one per line.

     -B      Display users with no banner.

     -D      Display disabled users.

     -E      Display enabled users.

     -R      Display users in reverse order.

     -T      Display users in terse format (only the user names). Unless -1 is
             also specified, four users will be displayed per line.

     -d      Disable users without removing them from the database. This
             prevents the users from authenticating, but does not lose their
             shared secret. The -m flag may also be used with the -d flag.

     -e      Enable users. This should be used to re-enable users who were
             disabled by the -d flag. The -m flag may also be used with the -e

     -m      Add [or remove] the specified mode of authentication for the
             user. Modes available are decimal (dec), hexadecimal (hex),
             phonebook (phone), and reduced-input (rim). Not all modes are
             available for all types of cards. The -m flag may be used alone
             or in conjunction with either the -d or -e flags. Whenever
             reduced-input mode is set the reduced-input state is reset. This
             should be done if a paper copy of challenge/responses had been
             produced and then misplaced.

     -r      Remove users from the database.

     Use of any of the -1BDERT flags precludes the use of any of the -demr
     flags. The -demr flags all require at least one user argument.


     x99token(1), login.conf(5), login_token(8), tokeninit(8)

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