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SPAMD-SETUP(8)           BSD System Manager's Manual            SPAMD-SETUP(8)


     spamd-setup - parse and load file of spammer addresses


     spamd-setup [-bdn]


     The spamd-setup utility sends blacklist data to spamd(8), as well as con-
     figuring mail rejection messages for blacklist entries.

     When spamd-setup is run in blacklist only mode, instead of sending black-
     list data directly to spamd(8), it sends it to the pf(4) table <spamd>.
     The <spamd> table must then be used in conjunction with a pf(4) redirec-
     tion rule to selectively redirect mail connections to spamd(8).

     The options are as follows:

     -b      Blacklisting only mode. Blacklist data is normally stored only in
             spamd(8). With this flag, data is stored in both spamd(8) and
             pf(4). Use this flag if spamd(8) is running with the -b flag too.

     -d      Debug mode reports a few pieces of information.

     -n      Dry-run mode. No data is shipped.

     Lists are specified in the configuration file /etc/mail/spamd.conf and
     are processed in the order specified in the all tag. Output is con-
     catenated and sent to a running spamd(8). Addresses are sent along with
     the message spamd will give on mail rejection when a matching client con-
     nects. The configuration port for spamd(8) is found from services(5), by
     looking for the named service spamd-cfg.

     spamd-setup reads all configuration information from the spamd.conf(5)




     pf.conf(5), services(5), spamd.conf(5), spamd(8)


     Blacklists removed from /etc/mail/spamd.conf are not automatically re-
     moved from the running spamd(8). If an entry is removed from
     /etc/mail/spamd.conf that is currently in use, it is necessary to restart
     spamd(8). This applies only to blacklists that are removed entirely, not
     those that are simply modified.

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