MirOS Manual: skeyprune(8)

SKEYPRUNE(8)             BSD System Manager's Manual              SKEYPRUNE(8)


     skeyprune - prune zeroed and old entries from S/Key database


     skeyprune [days]


     skeyprune searches through the S/Key database, /etc/skey, and prunes out
     entries that have been zeroed out via skeyinit(1) as well as entries that
     have not been modified in days days. If days is not specified, only in-
     valid entries are pruned.

     If a malformed entry is encountered, or if the file mode/type is in-
     correct, an error is printed to the standard error.


     /etc/skey  directory containing S/Key user entries


     The following errors are cause for concern.

     Can't cd to /etc/skey
             The S/Key database directory, /etc/skey, does not exist. The su-
             peruser may create it by running "skeyinit -E".

     Can't open user
             The user's entry was found in /etc/skey but it could not be

     user is not a regular file
             The user's entry is not a regular file.

     Bad mode for user
             The user's entry had a bad file mode (should be 0600).

     Bad link count for user.
             The user's entry had a bad link count (should be 1).

     Invalid entry for user
             The user's entry was not of the correct format, as specified by


     skey(1), skeyinit(1), skey(5)

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