MirOS Manual: rdconfig(8)

RDCONFIG(8)              BSD System Manager's Manual               RDCONFIG(8)


     rdconfig - configure RAM disks


     rdconfig special_file 512-byte-blocks


     The rdconfig command configures RAM disk devices. It will associate the
     special file special_file with a range of user-virtual memory allocated
     by the rdconfig process itself. The rdconfig command should be run in the
     background. If successful, the command will not return. Otherwise, an er-
     ror message will be printed.

     To "unconfigure" the ramdisk, just kill the background rdconfig process
     started earlier.




           # rdconfig /dev/rd0a 2048 &

     Configures the RAM disk rd0a with one megabyte of user-space memory.


     mount(8), swapon(8), umount(8)


     The special device will become inoperative if the rdconfig process is
     killed while the special device is open.

MirOS BSD #10-current            July 8, 1993                                1

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