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RDATE(8)                 BSD System Manager's Manual                  RDATE(8)


     rdate - set the system's date from a remote host


     rdate [-346adnprsv] [-P ntpport] host


     rdate displays and sets the local date and time from the host name (or
     address) given as the argument. The time source may be an RFC 868 TCP
     protocol server, which is usually implemented as a built-in service of
     inetd(8), or an RFC 2030 protocol SNTP/NTP server. By default, rdate uses
     the RFC 868 TCP protocol.

     The options are as follows:

     -3  Sets the NTP protocol version to 3.

     -4  Forces rdate to use IPv4 addresses only.

     -6  Forces rdate to use IPv6 addresses only.

     -a  Use the adjtime(2) call to gradually skew the local time to match the
         remote time rather than just hopping.

     -d  Debug the SNTP exchange. If given twice, debug each packet received.

     -n  Use SNTP (RFC 2030) instead of the RFC 868 time protocol.

     -P ntpport
         With -n, use the UDP port ntpport instead of the default 123.

     -p  Do not set, just print the remote time.

     -r  Show the remainder from the last adjtime(2) call.

     -s  Do not print the time. Overrides any previous -v options.

     -v  Verbose output. Always show the adjustment. Put this on a command
         line to reset all previous -s options.


     /var/log/wtmp  record of date resets and time changes


     date(1), adjtime(2), crontab(1), gettimeofday(2), symlink(7), inetd(8),
     ntpd(8), timed(8)

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