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NETSTART(8)              BSD System Manager's Manual               NETSTART(8)


     netstart - command scripts for network startup


     /etc/netstart [interface ...]


     netstart is the command script that is invoked by rc(8) during an au-
     tomatic reboot and after single user mode is exited; it performs network

     The netstart script can also be used to start newly-created bridges or
     interfaces, or reset existing interfaces to their default state. The
     behaviour of this script is (or can be) controlled to some extent by
     variables defined in /etc/rc.conf, which specifies which daemons and ser-
     vices are to be run.

     During the system boot, netstart is executed. netstart will perform the
     following operations:

     •   Set the machine's name.
     •   Configure the loopback interface.
     •   Configure all the physical interfaces.
     •   Initialize the routing table and set up the default routes.
     •   Configure all the gif(4) and gre(4) interfaces.
     •   Configure all the bridges.

     After the system is completely initialized, it is possible to start a
     newly-created interface or bridge(4), or reset an existing interface to
     its default state, by invoking

           sh /etc/netstart foo0

     where foo0 is the interface or bridge name.


     Routing to the net is set up using values from /etc/rc.conf
     according to these rules:

     •   If the multicast settings are as follows:


         then multicast routing will not be enabled.

     •   If the multicast settings are as follows:


         then multicast routing will be enabled, but no multicast route will
         be set up. It is expected that a routing daemon, such as mrouted(8),
         will be started as well.

     •   If the multicast settings are as follows:

               multicast_host=foo0     # interface name

         then multicast routing will be enabled, using the default interface,
         or the interface name specified by multicast_host.

     •   Other cases are configuration errors and will cause multicast routing
         not to be enabled.


     bridge(4), gif(4), gre(4), bridgename.if(5), defaultdomain(5),
     hostname.if(5), mygate(5), myname(5), dhcp(8), mrouted(8), rc(8),


     The netstart command appeared in 4.0BSD.

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