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MRINFO(8)                BSD System Manager's Manual                 MRINFO(8)


     mrinfo - displays configuration info from a multicast router


     mrinfo [-d debug_level] [-r retry_count] [-t timeout_count]


     mrinfo attempts to display the configuration information from the speci-
     fied multicast_router.

     mrinfo uses the ASK_NEIGHBORS IGMP message to the specified multicast
     router. If it router responds, the version number and a list of their
     neighboring multicast router addresses is part of the response. If the
     responding router has a recent multicast version number, then mrinfo re-
     quests additional information such as metrics, thresholds, and flags from
     the multicast router. Once the specified multicast router responds, the
     configuration is displayed to the standard output.

     The options are as follows:

     -d debug_level    sets the debug level. When the debug level is greater
                       than the default value of 0, additional debugging mes-
                       sages are printed. Regardless of the debug level, an
                       error condition will always write an error message and
                       cause mrinfo to terminate. Non-zero debug levels have
                       the following effects (printed to stderr):

                             1  packet warnings.
                             2  all level 1 messages plus notifications of
                                down networks.
                             3  all level 2 messages plus notifications of all
                                packet timeouts.

     -r retry_count    sets the neighbor query retry limit. The default is to
                       do 3 retries.

     -t timeout_count  sets the number of seconds to wait for a neighbor query
                       reply. The default timeout is 4 seconds.


     # mrinfo mbone.phony.dom.net (mbone.phony.dom.net) [version 3.3]: -> (?) [1/1/querier] -> (mbone2.phony.dom.net) [1/45/tunnel] -> (momoney.com) [1/32/tunnel/down] -> (mbone.dipu.edu) [1/32/tunnel]

     For each neighbor of the queried multicast router, the IP of the queried
     router is displayed, followed by the IP and name of the neighbor. In
     square brackets the metric (cost of connection), the threshold (multicast
     ttl) is displayed. If the queried multicast router has a newer version
     number, the type (tunnel, srcrt) and status (disabled, down) of the con-
     nection is displayed.


     map-mbone(8), mrouted(8), mtrace(8)


     Van Jacobson

MirBSD #10-current               May 8, 1995                                 1

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