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LOGRESOLVE(8)            BSD System Manager's Manual             LOGRESOLVE(8)


     logresolve - resolve hostnames for IP addresses in Apache logfiles


     logresolve [-c] [-s filename] < access_log > access_log.new


     logresolve is a post-processing program to resolve IP addresses in
     httpd(8)'s access logfiles. To minimize impact on the nameserver,
     logresolve has its very own internal hash-table cache. This means that
     each IP number will only be looked up the first time it is found in the
     log file.

     The following options are supported:

     -c             This causes logresolve to apply some DNS checks: after
                    finding the hostname from the IP address, it looks up the
                    IP addresses for the hostname and checks that one of them
                    matches the original address.

     -s filename    Specifies the filename to record statistics.


     httpd(8), rotatelogs(8)

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