MirBSD manpage: login_reject(8)

LOGIN_REJECT(8)          BSD System Manager's Manual           LOGIN_REJECT(8)


     login_reject - provide rejected authentication


     login_reject [-s service] user [class]


     The login_reject utility provides the rejection authentication class. The
     user name, while required, is ignored. The class name, which is optional,
     is also ignored. The reject authentication mechanism is intended to be
     used to disallow certain types of logins. For example, a class entry (see
     login.conf(5)) may contain:


     which would allow authentication for this class in most situations but
     would reject attempts to authenticate from ftpd(8).


     login(1), login.conf(5), ftpd(8)

MirBSD #10-current            September 29, 1995                             1

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