MirBSD manpage: login_activ(8), login_crypto(8), login_snk(8), login_token(8)

LOGIN_TOKEN(8)           BSD System Manager's Manual            LOGIN_TOKEN(8)


     login_activ, login_crypto, login_snk - provide ActivCard, CRYPTOCard and
     SNK-004 authentication


     login_token [-s service] [-v name=value] user [class]


     The login_token program implements an X9.9 token card challenge response
     authentication mechanism (see login.conf(5)). It must be invoked by one
     of the names: login_activ, login_crypto, or login_snk.

     Available options are:

     -s      Specify the service. Currently only challenge, login, and
             response are supported.

     -v      This option and its value are ignored.

     login_token will look up user in the appropriate database file, depending
     on what name it was called as: /etc/activ.db, /etc/crypto.db, or
     /etc/snk.db. It then will issue a challenge, and if the user is able to
     correctly respond (by using the appropriate token) the user will be au-
     thenticated. The class argument is unused.


     /etc/activ.db   data base of information for the ActivCard tokens.

     /etc/crypto.db  data base of information for the CRYPTOCard tokens.

     /etc/snk.db     data base of information for the SNK-004 tokens.


     Diagnostic messages are logged via syslog(3) with the LOG_AUTH facility.


     syslog(3), login.conf(5), tokenadm(8), tokeninit(8)


     Jack Flory <jpf@mig.com>

MirBSD #10-current            September 26, 1995                             1

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