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FSCK_MSDOS(8)            BSD System Manager's Manual             FSCK_MSDOS(8)


     fsck_msdos - DOS/Windows (FAT) filesystem consistency checker


     fsck_msdos [-fpny] filesystem ...


     The fsck_msdos utility verifies and repairs FAT filesystems (more common-
     ly known as DOS filesystems). It checks the specified filesystems and
     tries to repair all detected inconsistencies, requesting confirmation be-
     fore making any changes.

     If the -p flag is given, fsck_msdos preens the specified filesystems. It
     is normally started this way by fsck(8) run from rc(8) during automatic
     reboot, when a FAT filesystem is detected. When preening filesystems,
     fsck_msdos will fix common inconsistencies non-interactively. If more
     serious problems are found, fsck_msdos does not try to fix them, indi-
     cates that it was not successful, and exits.

     The options are as follows:

     -f      This option is ignored by fsck_msdos, and is present only for
             compatibility with programs that check other filesystem types for
             consistency, such as fsck_ffs(8).

     -n      Assume a "no" response to all questions asked by fsck_msdos ex-
             cept for "CONTINUE?", which is assumed to be affirmative.
             Filesystems will not be opened for writing. This is the default
             for filesystems to be checked that are concurrently mounted writ-

     -p      Preen the specified filesystems.

     -y      Causes fsck_msdos to assume "yes" as the answer to all operator


     fs(5), fstab(5), fsck(8), fsck_ffs(8), mount_msdos(8), newfs_msdos(8),


     fsck_msdos is still under construction.

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