MirOS Manual: clri(8)

CLRI(8)                  BSD System Manager's Manual                   CLRI(8)


     clri - clear inodes


     clri special_device inode_number [...]


     clri is obsoleted for normal file system repair work by fsck(8).

     clri zeros out the inodes with the specified inode numbers on the
     filesystem residing on the given special_device. The fsck(8) utility is
     usually run after clri to reclaim the zero'ed inodes and the blocks pre-
     viously claimed by those inodes. Both read and write permission are re-
     quired on the specified special_device.

     The primary purpose of this routine is to remove a file which for some
     reason is not being properly handled by fsck(8). Once removed, it is an-
     ticipated that fsck(8) will be able to clean up the resulting mess.


     inode(5), fsck(8), fsdb(8), ncheck(8)


     If the file is open, the work of clri will be lost when the inode is
     written back to disk from the inode cache.

MirOS BSD #10-current           April 19, 1994                               1

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