MirBSD manpage: apm(8), zzz(8)

APM(8)                   BSD System Manager's Manual                    APM(8)


     apm - Advanced Power Management control program


     zzz [-Sz] [-f sockname]
     apm [-ablmsSvz] [-f sockname]


     apm communicates with the Advanced Power Management daemon, apmd(8), mak-
     ing requests of it for current power status or to place the system into a
     suspend or stand-by state. With no flags, apm displays the current power
     management state in verbose form.

     The options are as follows:

     -a      Display the external charger (A/C status). 0 means disconnected,
             1 means connected, 2 means backup power source, and 255 means

     -b      Display the battery status. 0 means high, 1 means low, 2 means
             critical, 3 means charging, 4 means absent, and 255 means unk-

     -f sockname
             Set the name of the socket via which to contact apmd(8) to

     -l      Display the estimated battery lifetime (in percent).

     -m      Display the estimated battery lifetime (in minutes).

     -S      Put the system into stand-by (light sleep) mode.

     -s      Display if power management is enabled.

     -v      Request more verbose description of the displayed states.

     -z      Put the system into suspend (deep sleep) mode.

     The zzz variant on this command is an alternative for suspending the sys-
     tem. With no arguments, zzz places the system into suspend mode. The com-
     mand line flags serve the same purpose as for the apm variant of this

     This command does not wait for positive confirmation that the requested
     mode has been entered; to do so would mean the command does not return
     until the system resumes from its sleep state.


     /var/run/apmdev  default Unix domain socket for communicating with

     The -f flag may be used to specify an alternate socket name. The protec-
     tion modes on this socket govern which users may access the APM func-


     apm(4), apmd(8)


     Advanced Power Management (APM) BIOS Interface Specification (revision
     1.2), Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corporation


     The apm command appeared in NetBSD 1.3, OpenBSD support was added in
     OpenBSD 1.2.

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