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INSTALL.SPARC(7)             BSD Reference Manual             INSTALL.SPARC(7)


     install.sparc - stub installation instructions for the sparc architecture




     This manual page describes how to install the MirBSD operating system on
     a sparc (sun4c, sun4m) machine.


     The MirBSD homepage (see below) contains a comprehensive list of possi-
     bilities to get bootable installation media. In many cases, you will
     download MirOS from the internet via HTTP or BitTorrent. On some confer-
     ences and fairs, you can also get CDs directly from the developers. You
     can also mail them to have a CD sent to you if you don't have broadband.

     For more information, refer to the install.i386(7) manual page for now.

     You can either boot from a pretty minimal floppy image floppy10.fs, from
     a CD-ROM image (either the full CD or the minimal cdrom10.iso image), or
     netboot a bsd.rd ELF format gzip'd kernel using boot, formerly called
     boot.net, or netboot a directly bootable bsd.rd.net a.out format kernel.


     This section is a stub. For now, refer to the OpenBSD documentation at
     http://pub.allbsd.org/OpenBSD/3.5/sparc/INSTALL.sparc for details or ask
     in IRC. You can usually replace the
           server# ln -s boot.MACHINE.OpenBSD.$KARCH 8273900B.$KARCH
     line with
           server$ sudo ln -s bsd.rd.net 8273900B.$KARCH
     to make use of our netbootable kernels. Note that "8273900B" is the hexa-
     decimal, big-endian representation of the IPv4 address.


     The sparc architecture does not use MBR partitioning, so that you can
     skip reading about the fdisk utility in the i386 instructions. On the
     contrary, rather than storing a native BSD disklabel in sector #1 inside
     the MirBSD partition, a Sun disklabel is stored in sector #0 of the medi-
     um. It is important that the 'a' slice begin at sector #0 as well.


     Please see the install.i386(7) manual page for a detailed walkthrough.
     This manual page currently is only a stub.


     boot_sparc(8), disklabel(8), diskless(8)

     The MirOS homepage: http://mirbsd.de/


     Support for the sparc architecture first appeared in MirBSD #7ter. It re-
     appeared in MirBSD #10, although the floppy image came back only with
     MirBSD #11, promoted to a fully supported architecture.

MirBSD #10-current             January 9, 2017                               1

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