MirBSD manpage: bcd(6), morse(6), ppt(6)

BCD(6)                       BSD Reference Manual                       BCD(6)


     bcd, ppt, morse - reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code


     bcd [string ...]
     ppt [-d [-b] | string ...]
     morse [-d | -s] [string ...]


     The bcd, ppt, and morse commands read the given input and reformat it in
     the form of punched cards, paper tape, or morse code, respectively. Ac-
     ceptable input are command line arguments or the standard input.

     Available options for ppt:

     -d [-b]
             The -d option for ppt decodes paper tape on the standard input
             back to ASCII. Unprintable characters are visually encoded with
             vis(3) unless the -b flag (binary) is also specified. A lowercase
             'x' is printed for undecipherable input lines.

     Available options for morse:

     -d      The -d option for morse decodes dot-dash morse
             (as generated by using the -s option) back into text. A lowercase
             'x' is printed for undecipherable input; otherwise, text is re-
             turned uppercase. If the morse to be translated is given on the
             command line, it should be preceded by '--' to keep it from being
             mistaken for options.

     -s      The -s option for morse produces dots and dashes rather than


     ISO 1681:1973, Information processing--Unpunched paper cards--

     ISO 1682:1973, Information processing--80 columns punched paper cards--
     Dimensions and location of rectangular punched holes.

     ECMA-10, ECMA Standard for Data Interchange on Punched Tape.

     ITU-T Recommendation F.1, Operational provisions for the international
     public telegram service, Division B, I. Morse code.

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