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INTRO(6)                     BSD Reference Manual                     INTRO(6)


     intro - introduction to the games


     The manual pages in section 6 contain information about the various games
     and diversions optionally installed in /usr/games. Currently available
     games are:

     adventure    An exploration game. See adventure(6).

     arithmetic   Quiz on simple arithmetic. See arithmetic(6).

     atc          Air traffic controller game. See atc(6).

     backgammon   The backgammon game. See backgammon(6).

     banner       Print strings in large letters. See banner(6).

     battlestar   A tropical adventure game. See battlestar(6).

     bcd          Reformat input as punch cards. See bcd(6).

     boggle       Word search game. See boggle(6).

     bs           Battleships game. See bs(6).

     caesar       Decrypt caesar cyphers. See caesar(6).

     canfield     A version of the solitaire card game. See canfield(6).

     cfscores     Print out the current status of a canfield(6) account. See

     cribbage     The card game cribbage. See cribbage(6).

     factor       Factor a number. See factor(6).

     fish         Play "Go Fish!". See fish(6).

     fortune      Print a random adage. See fortune(6).

     gomoku       Game of 5 in a row. See gomoku(6).

     grdc         Grand Digital Clock. See grdc(6).

     hack         Explore the Dungeons of Doom. See hack(6).

     hangman      Play hangman. See hangman(6).

     hunt         A multi-player, multi-terminal game. See hunt(6).

     huntd        hunt(6) daemon. See huntd(6).

     mille        Play Mille Bornes. See mille(6).

     monop        Play monopoly. See monop(6).

     morse        Reformat input as morse code. See morse(6).

     number       Convert Arabic numerals to English. See number(6).

     phantasia    An interterminal fantasy game. See phantasia(6).

     pig          Eformatray inputway asway Igpay Atinlay. Eesay igpay(6).

     pom          Display the phase of the moon. See pom(6).

     ppt          Reformat input as paper tape. See ppt(6).

     primes       Generate primes. See primes(6).

     quiz         Random knowledge tests. See quiz(6).

     rain         Animated raindrops display. See rain(6).

     random       Display random lines from a file or random numbers. See

     robots       Fight off villanous robots. See robots(6).

     rot13        Decrypt caesar cyphers, rotated by 13 characters. See

     sail         Multi-user wooden ships and iron men. See sail(6).

     snake        Display chase game. See snake(6).

     snscore      Display snake(6) scores. See snscore(6).

     teachgammon  Backgammon rules and tutorial. See backgammon(6).

     tetris       Play tetris. See tetris(6).

     trek         Trekkie game. See trek(6).

     wargames     Would you like to play a game?

     worm         Play the growing worm game. See worm(6).

     worms        Animate worms on a display terminal. See worms(6).

     wump         Hunt the wumpus in an underground cave. See wump(6).


     /usr/games        Location of games, if installed.
     /usr/share/games  Data files for games.


     intro(1), adventure(6), arithmetic(6), atc(6), backgammon(6), banner(6),
     battlestar(6), bcd(6), boggle(6), bs(6), caesar(6), canfield(6),
     cfscores(6), cribbage(6), factor(6), fish(6), fortune(6), gomoku(6),
     grdc(6), hack(6), hangman(6), hunt(6), huntd(6), mille(6), monop(6),
     morse(6), number(6), phantasia(6), pig(6), pom(6), ppt(6), primes(6),
     quiz(6), rain(6), random(6), robots(6), rot13(6), sail(6), snake(6),
     snscore(6), tetris(6), trek(6), worm(6), worms(6), wump(6)

     Eric Allman, Star Trek, 31.trek(USD).


     The intro section manual page appeared in OpenBSD 2.5.

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