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HUNTD(6)                     BSD Reference Manual                     HUNTD(6)


     huntd - hunt daemon, back-end for hunt game


     huntd [-s] [-p port] [-a addr] [-Dvar=value ...]


     huntd controls the multi-player hunt(6) game.

     The -s option is for running huntd forever (server mode). This is similar
     to running it under the control of inetd(8) (see below), but it consumes
     a process table entry when no one is playing, and monitor clients are not

     The -p port option changes the UDP port number used to rendezvous with
     the player process and thus allows for private games of hunt(6).

     The -a addr option is used to cause the server to listen only on a
     specific interface address. The addr argument must be given as an IP ad-

     Options given with -D override those read from configuration files
     (see CONFIGURATION, below).


     To run huntd from inetd(8), you'll need to add this line to

           hunt dgram udp wait nobody /usr/games/huntd HUNT

     Do not use any of the command line options - if you want inetd(8) to
     start up huntd on a private port, change the port listed in


     When hunt(6) starts up, it broadcasts on attached networks, using the
     broadcast or point-to-point destination address for each interface, to
     find a hunt game in progress. If a huntd hears the request, it sends back
     the port number for the hunt process to connect to.

     Regardless of how huntd is started, it always checks incoming connections
     with hosts_access(5), using a service name of 'huntd'.


     When huntd starts, it looks for configuration files that determine game
     parameters. Each line of a configuration file is of the form var = value.
     Comments start with a hash sign ('#'). The configuration files loaded in
     order (if they exist) are: /etc/hunt.conf, $HOME/.hunt.conf, and

     Many of these variables require intimate knowledge of the driver source
     code. The complete list of configurable variables is as follows.

     random        enable dispersion doors (default 1)
     reflect       enable generation of reflection walls (default 1)
     monitor       enable monitors (default 1)
     ooze          enable slime shots (default 1)
     fly           enable flight (default 1)
     volcano       enable volcanoes (default 1)
     drone         enable drone (default 1)
     boots         enable boots (default 1)
     scan          enable scanning (default 1)
     cloak         enable cloaking (default 1)
     logerr        errors to stderr (default 1)
     syslog        errors to syslogd(8) (default 0)
     scoredecay    nr deaths before nr kills begins to decay (default 15)
     maxremove     Maximum number of holes in the maze wall (default 40)
     linger        Seconds to keep game open with no players. -1 means forever
                   (default 90)
     flytime       max time flying (default 20)
     flystep       max displacement each flying time unit (default 5)
     volcano_max   max size of volcano (default 50)
     ptrip_face    percentage chance of tripping a grenade on pickup (default
     ptrip_back    percentage chance of same when backing onto it (default 95)
     ptrip_side    percentage chance of same when walking sideways into it
                   (default 50)
     prandom       percentage of time dispersion doors appear (default 1)
     preflect      percentage of time reflection walls appear (default 1)
     pshot_coll    percentage chance of shots colliding (default 5)
     pgren_coll    percentage chance of grenades colliding (default 10)
     pgren_catch   facing player chance of catching grenade (default 10)
     pmiss         percentage chance of bullet missing player (default 5)
     pdroneabsorb  percentage chance of absorbing a drone (default 1)
     fall_frac     divisor of damage used for fall damage (default 5)
     bulspd        speed of bullets (default 5)
     ishots        initial ammo for player (default 15)
     nshots        ammo boost for all when new player joins (default 5)
     maxncshot     max number of simultaneous shots per player (default 2)
     maxdam        the initial shield for each player (default 10)
     mindam        minimum damage from one unit of ammo (default 5)
     stabdam       damage from stabbing (default 2)
     killgain      shield gained from killing someone (default 2)
     slimefactor   charge multiplier for slime (default 3)
     slimespeed    speed of slime (default 5)
     lavaspeed     speed of volcano lava (default 1)
     cloaklen      duration of a cloak (default 20)
     scanlen       duration of a scan (default 20)
     mindshot      minimum shot class needed to make a drone (default 2)
     simstep       maximum simulation step in microseconds. Zero means tradi-
                   tional blocking behaviour. Try 55000 for something reason-
                   able (default 0)




     hosts_options(5), hunt(6), inetd(8)


     Conrad Huang, Ken Arnold, and Greg Couch;
     University of California, San Francisco, Computer Graphics Lab

     David Leonard tidied up, and added the configuration file.

MirBSD #10-current             August 21, 1986                               1

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