MirBSD manpage: hangman(6)

HANGMAN(6)                   BSD Reference Manual                   HANGMAN(6)


     hangman - computer version of the game hangman


     hangman [-d wordlist]


     In hangman, the computer picks a word from the on-line word list and you
     must try to guess it. The computer keeps track of which letters have been
     guessed and how many wrong guesses you have made on the screen in a
     graphic fashion.

     -d    Use the specified wordlist instead of the default. A wordlist file
           must have one word per line. Only lowercase words of at least a
           certain length (typically 6 characters) are chosen.


     /usr/share/dict/words  Default word list




     Ken Arnold

MirBSD #10-current               May 31, 1993                                1

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