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NTPD.CONF(5)                 BSD Reference Manual                 NTPD.CONF(5)


     ntpd.conf - Network Time Protocol daemon configuration file


     This manual page describes the format of the ntpd(8) configuration file.
     It has the following format:

     Empty lines and lines beginning with the '#' character are ignored.

     Keywords may be specified multiple times within the configuration file.
     They are as follows:

     listen on address
             Specify a local IP address or a hostname the ntpd(8) daemon
             should listen on. If it appears multiple times, ntpd(8) will
             listen on each given address. If the exact string '*' is given as
             an address, ntpd(8) will listen on all local addresses. Other-
             wise, address can be followed by an asterisk ('*') and a UDP port
             number to listen on instead of the default 123. ntpd(8) does not
             listen on any address by default. For example:

                   listen on *
                   listen on
                   listen on ::1

     server address
             Specify the IP address or the hostname of an NTP server to syn-
             chronize to. If it appears multiple times, ntpd(8) will try to
             synchronize to all of the servers specified. If a hostname
             resolves to multiple IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses, ntpd(8) uses the
             first address. If it does not get a reply, ntpd(8) retries with
             the next address and continues to do so until a working address
             is found. For example:

                   server ntp.example.org
                   server ::1*12345

             To provide redundancy, it is good practice to configure multiple
             servers. In general, best accuracy is obtained by using servers
             that have a low network latency.

     servers address
             As with server, specify the IP address or hostname of an NTP
             server to synchronize to. If it appears multiple times, ntpd(8)
             will try to synchronize to all of the servers specified. Should
             the hostname resolve to multiple IP addresses, ntpd(8) will try
             to synchronize to all of them. For example:

                   servers pool.ntp.org


     /etc/ntpd.conf     default ntpd(8) configuration file




     The ntpd.conf file format first appeared in OpenBSD 3.6. The serverloop
     keyword and the ability to specify a port first appeared in MirBSD #10.

MirBSD #10-current            September 4, 2020                              1

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