MirOS Manual: forward(5)

FORWARD(5)                   BSD Reference Manual                   FORWARD(5)


     forward - e-mail forwarding information file


     Users may put a file named .forward in their home directory. If this file
     exists, sendmail(8) (and sendmail-like mailers) will redirect mail for
     the user to the list of addresses found in the .forward file. .forward
     files must not be group or world writable. The user's home directory
     should not be group writable. The .forward file must be owned by and
     readable by the indicated user.

     A .forward file contains one or more lines where each line is an e-mail
     address or the name of a private incoming mailer where incoming mail will
     be forwarded. Examples:

           # lines with # in the first column are ignored
           # empty lines are ignored
           # #@# with whitespace on both sides may be used to start a comment

           foo@bar.baz.com                         #@# is a comment anywhere
           "| /usr/local/libexec/slocal -user foo"


     $HOME/.forward  e-mail forwarding information


     aliases(5), sendmail(8)

     Sendmail - An Internetwork Mail Router, No. 9, SMM.

     Sendmail Installation and Operation Guide, No. 8, SMM.


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