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FBTAB(5)                     BSD Reference Manual                     FBTAB(5)


     fbtab - change device protection upon login


     The fbtab file contains lines which specify how the permissions and own-
     ership of various system files should be changed based on the user's lo-
     gin device name.

     Comments start with a '#' and extend to the end of the line. Blank lines
     or lines with only a comment are ignored.

     All other lines consist of three fields delimited by whitespace.

     Login Device          The device you have logged in on (e.g.,

     File Permission       An octal permission number (0600), as used by

     Other devices         The final field is a colon (':') delimited list of
                           devices (e.g., "/dev/console:/dev/fd0a"). All dev-
                           ice names are absolute paths. A path that ends in
                           "/*" refers to all directory entries except "." and

     The fbtab file is used by login(1) to chown(2) the specified files to the
     user who has performed a login. Additionally, chmod(2) is used to set the
     devices to the specified permission. When a user logs out, init(8) is
     responsible for performing the inverse operation, which results in the
     files once again belonging to root.




     login(1), login_fbtab(3), init(8)


     Guido van Rooij

MirBSD #10-current             August 22, 1994                               1

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