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BOOTPARAMS(5)                BSD Reference Manual                BOOTPARAMS(5)


     bootparams - boot parameter database




     The bootparams file specifies the boot parameters that diskless(8)
     clients may request when booting over the network. Each client supported
     by this server must have an entry in the bootparams file containing the
     pathnames for its root and (optionally) swap areas.

     Each line in the file (other than comment lines that begin with a #)
     specifies the client name followed by the pathnames that the client may
     request by their logical names. The components of the line are delimited
     with blank or tab, and may be continued onto multiple lines with a

     For example:

           client  root=server:/export/client/root \
                   swap=server:/export/client/swap \

     In this version of rpc.bootparamd, client can be an asterisk ("*") for
     wildcard processing.

     When the client named "client" requests the pathname for its logical
     "root" it will be given the server name "server" and the pathname
     "/export/client/root" as the response to its RPC request.

     A line containing simply "+" will cause YP lookups to be done on the YP
     map "bootparams".


     /etc/bootparams  default configuration file


     diskless(8), rpc.bootparamd(8), yp(8)

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