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WSMOUSE(4)                 BSD Programmer's Manual                  WSMOUSE(4)


     wsmouse - generic mouse support in wscons


     wsmouse*   at pms? mux 0
     (PS/2 mouse)
     wsmouse*   at pmsi? mux 0
     ( "IntelliMouse" -compatible wheel mouse with PS/2 interface)
     wsmouse*   at ums? mux 0
     (USB mouse)
     wsmouse*   at lms? mux 0
     (Logitech bus mouse, i386 only)
     wsmouse*   at mms? mux 0
     (Microsoft InPort mouse, i386 only)
     wsmouse*   at ams? mux 0
     (Apple ADB mouse)
     wsmouse*  at hilms? mux 0
     (HIL mouse)


     The wsmouse driver is an abstraction layer for mice within the wscons(4)
     framework. It is attached to the hardware specific keyboard drivers and
     provides a character device interface. For use with X servers, "mouse
     events" can be generated.

     The wsmouse driver provides a number of ioctl functions to control vari-
     ous parameters (see /usr/include/dev/wscons/wsconsio.h). The wsconsctl(8)
     utility gives access to these variables.




     ams(4), hilms(4), intro(4), lms(4), mms(4), pms(4), ums(4), wscons(4),
     wsmux(4), wsconsctl(8), wsmoused(8)

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