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SAFE(4)                    BSD Programmer's Manual                     SAFE(4)


     safe - SafeNet crypto accelerator


     safe* at pci? dev ? function ?


     The safe driver supports cards containing any of the following chips:

           SafeNet 1141  The original chipset. Supports DES, Triple-DES, AES,
                         MD5, and SHA-1 symmetric crypto operations, RNG, pub-
                         lic key operations, and full IPsec packet processing.

           SafeNet 1741  A faster version of the 1141.

     The safe driver registers itself to accelerate DES, Triple-DES, AES, MD5-
     HMAC, and SHA1-HMAC operations for ipsec(4) and crypto(4).

     Additionally, the driver registers with crypto(4) to accelerate modular
     exponentiation of up to 2048-bit operands and provides input to the
     random(4) subsystem.


     safe%d: Reduce max DMA size to %u words for rev %u.%u  The 1.0 silicon
     has major pci(4) bugs and may lock the bus completely. There is no easy


     crypt(3), crypto(4), intro(4), ipsec(4), pci(4), random(4), crypto(9)


     Early silicon revisions can wedge the PCI bus.

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