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PCKBD(4)                   BSD Programmer's Manual                    PCKBD(4)


     pckbd - PC keyboard driver for wscons


     pckbd* at pckbc?
     wskbd* at pckbd? console ?
     option PCKBD_LAYOUT=XXX


     This driver supports PC/AT keyboards within the wscons(4) console frame-
     work. It doesn't provide direct device driver entry points but makes its
     functions available via the internal wskbd(4) interface.

     The pckbd driver supports a number of different key mappings which can be
     chosen from with the kernel option "PCKBD_LAYOUT" at compile time or with
     the utility wsconsctl(8) (variable: "keyboard.encoding" ) at runtime.
     Other mappings can be used if the whole keymap is replaced by means of
     wsconsctl(8). The built-in mappings are at this time:

     KB_BE   ( "be" ) Belgium French.

     KB_BR   ( "br" ) Brazilian.

     KB_DE   ( "de" ) German with "dead accents".

     KB_DK   ( "dk" ) Danish with "dead accents".

     KB_ES   ( "es" ) Spanish.

     KB_FR   ( "fr" ) French.

     KB_HU   ( "hu" ) Hungarian.

     KB_IT   ( "it" ) Italian.

     KB_JP   ( "jp" ) Japanese.

     KB_LA   ( "la" ) Latinamerican.

     KB_LT   ( "lt" ) Lithuanian in "ISO 8859-13".

     KB_NO   ( "no" ) Norwegian with "dead accents".

     KB_PL   ( "pl" ) Polish in "ISO 8859-2".

     KB_PT   ( "pt" ) Portuguese.

     KB_RU   ( "ru" ) Russian in "KOI8".

     KB_SF   ( "sf" ) Swiss French with "dead accents".

     KB_SG   ( "sg" ) Swiss German with "dead accents".

     KB_SI   ( "si" ) Slovenian.

     KB_SV   ( "sv" ) Swedish with "dead accents".

     KB_TR   ( "tr" ) Turkish in "ISO 8859-9" with "dead accents".

     KB_UA   ( "ua" ) Ukrainian in "KOI8".

     KB_UK   ( "uk" ) British.

     KB_US   ( "us" ) English / US keyboard mapping (default).

     KB_US | KB_DECLK ( "us.declk" ) English / US mapping for DEC LK400-style
             keyboards with PC keyboard interface (eg LK461).

     KB_US | KB_DVORAK ( "us.dvorak" ) English / US keyboard with "Dvorak"

     The KB_DE, KB_DK, KB_NO, KB_SF, KB_SG, KB_SV and KB_TR mappings can be
     used in the KB_NODEAD ( ".nodead" ) variant. This switches off the "dead

     The KB_BE, KB_FR, KB_JP, KB_US and KB_US | KB_DVORAK mappings can be
     modified to swap the left Control and the Caps Lock keys by the
     KB_SWAPCTRLCAPS variant bit or the ".swapctrlcaps" suffix.

     The KB_METAESC ( ".metaesc" ) option can be applied to any layout. If
     set, keys pressed together with the ALT modifier are prefixed by an ESC
     character. (Standard behaviour is to add 128 to the ASCII value.)

     Because PC keyboard hardware doesn't contain a beeper, requests for
     "keyboard beeps" cannot be handled directly. On alpha, cats and i386, a
     helper device attached to the pcppi driver allows use of the standard ISA
     speaker for this purpose.


     To set a German keyboard layout without "dead accents" and sending an ESC
     character before the key symbol if the ALT key is pressed simultaneously,
     use wsconsctl -w keyboard.encoding=de.nodead.metaesc. To set it at kernel
     build time, add option PCKBD_LAYOUT="(KB_DE|KB_NODEAD|KB_METAESC)" to the
     kernel configuration file.


     intro(4), isa(4), pckbc(4), wskbd(4), wsconsctl(8)


     The list of built-in mappings doesn't follow any logic. It grew as people
     submitted what they needed.

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