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NE(4)                      BSD Programmer's Manual                       NE(4)


     ne - NE2000 and compatible Ethernet driver


     ne0 at isa? port 0x240 irq 9
     ne1 at isa? port 0x300 irq 10
     ne2 at isa? port 0x280 irq 9
     ne* at isapnp?
     ne* at pci? dev ? function ?
     ne* at pcmcia? function ?

     bmtphy* at mii? phy ?
     lxtphy* at mii? phy ?
     nsphyter* at mii? phy ?
     ukphy* at mii? phy ?


     The ne device driver supports NE2000 and compatible (including NE1000)
     Ethernet cards, including:

     Name                                                 Bus
     Accton EN2212, EN2216                                PCMCIA
     Addtron W89C926 Ethernet                             PCMCIA
     Allied Telesis LA-PCM                                PCMCIA
     AmbiCom AMB8002T                                     PCMCIA
     Arowana FE                                           PCMCIA
     Belkin F5D5020                                       PCMCIA
     Billionton Systems LNT-10TN                          PCMCIA
     CNet NE2000, FastEthernet                            PCMCIA
     Compex PCI Ethernet                                  PCI
     Compex Linkport ENET-B                               PCMCIA
     Corega PCC-T, PCC-TD, EtherII PCC-T                  PCMCIA
     Corega FastEther PCC-T, FastEther PCC-TX             PCMCIA
     Corega FastEther PCC-TXD, FastEther PCC-TXF          PCMCIA
     D-Link DE-650, DE-660, DE-660+, DFE-670TXD           PCMCIA
     Dayna CommuniCard E                                  PCMCIA
     Digital DEPCM-XX                                     PCMCIA
     Dual NE2000                                          PCMCIA
     Edimax NE2000                                        PCMCIA
     Genius ME 3000II SE                                  PCMCIA
     Grey Cell GCS2000 Gold II                            PCMCIA
     GVC NIC-2000p, NP0335                                PCMCIA
     Hawking PN650TX                                      PCMCIA
     I-O DATA PCLA, PCLA/TE                               PCMCIA
     IC-Card                                              PCMCIA
     Kingston KNE-PC2                                     PCMCIA
     KTI PCI Ethernet                                     PCI
     Linksys PCMPC100, EC2T Combo                         PCMCIA
     Linksys EthernetCard, Combo EthernetCard             PCMCIA
     Linksys Trust Combo EthernetCard, EtherFast 10/100   PCMCIA
     MACNICA ME1 for JEIDA                                PCMCIA
     Melco LPC3-TX                                        PCMCIA
     National Semiconductor InfoMover                     PCMCIA
     NDC Instant-Link                                     PCMCIA
     Netgear FA410TX, FA410TXC, FA411                     PCMCIA
     NetVin NV5000                                        PCI
     Network Everywhere NP10T                             PCMCIA
     New Media LiveWire 10/100                            PCMCIA
     Planet SmartCom 2000                                 PCMCIA
     Planex FNW-3600-T, FNW-3700-T                        PCMCIA
     Premax PE-200                                        PCMCIA
     Realtek RT8029                                       PCI
     Relia Technologies Ethernet                          PCMCIA
     RPTI EP-400, EP-401                                  PCMCIA
     Seiko Epson EN10B                                    PCMCIA
     SMC EZCard, 8041                                     PCMCIA
     SMC EZCard, 8041TX                                   PCMCIA
     Socket Communications LP-CF, LP-E                    PCMCIA
     SVEC PN650TX, ComboCard, LANCard                     PCMCIA
     Surecom NE-34                                        PCI
     Synergy S21810                                       PCMCIA
     Tamarack NE2000                                      PCMCIA
     Telecom Device TCD-HPC100                            PCMCIA
     VIA Technologies VT86C926                            PCI
     Winbond W89C940                                      PCI
     Winbond W89C940F                                     PCI
     Wisecom T210CT, iPort                                PCMCIA
     Xircom CFE-10                                        PCMCIA


     The Realtek 8019 (ISA, ISAPnP, some PCMCIA) and Realtek 8029 (PCI)
     NE2000-compatible Ethernet chips include support for software media
     selection. If one of these chips is detected by the driver, the list of
     supported media will be displayed.

     For all other chips supported by the ne driver, media selection must be
     performed either via card jumper settings or by vendor-supplied confi-
     guration programs.


     ne0: where did the card go?  The driver found the card, but was unable to
     make the card respond to complete the configuration sequence.


     bmtphy(4), ifmedia(4), intro(4), isa(4), isapnp(4), lxtphy(4),
     netintro(4), nsphyter(4), pci(4), pcmcia(4), ukphy(4), hostname.if(5),

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