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LMC(4)                     BSD Programmer's Manual                      LMC(4)


     lmc - Lan Media Corporation SSI/DS1/HSSI/DS3 card device driver


     lmc* at pci? dev ? function ?


     The lmc driver provides support for the Lan Media Corporation SSI, DS1,
     HSSI, and DS3 PCI WAN adapters based on the DEC 21140 Ethernet chip. The
     adapters use a DEC 21140 Ethernet chip for the PCI bus interface. Leaving
     the bus interface chip, the data path goes through a field programmable
     gate array, where HDLC processing is accomplished. Leaving the FPGA,
     there are FIFO buffers and the DS1, DS3, and V.35 drive circuitry.

     The intent is to provide a synchronous serial link with HDLC framing at
     speeds of up to 10Mbps (for the SSI card), 52Mbps (for the HSSI card),
     BNC connectors for 45Mbps operation without a CSU/DSU (DS3 card), and an
     RJ45 jack for T1/E1 operation without a CSU/DSU (DS1 card).

     The card will automatically use HDLC framing and defaults to external
     clock source. For the DS1 and DS3 cards with built-in CSU/DSU functional-
     ity, the clock source is always external (from CSU/DSU). The ability to
     set cable length is not currently implemented.

     Using the sppp(4) driver, you can also use the ppp protocol. In either
     case, the lmc interface should be configured as a point-to-point link.


     lmc%d: couldn't map interrupt  A fatal initialization error has occurred.

     lmc%d: couldn't establish interrupt  A fatal initialization error has oc-

     lmc%d: enabling keepalive  Cisco HDLC keepalive packets will be transmit-

     lmc%d: disabling keepalive  Cisco HDLC keepalive packets will not be

     lmc%d: clock internal  The card is using internal clocking for the line.

     lmc%d: clock external  The card is using external clocking for the line.

     lmc%d: asserting DTR and RTS  The card is sending DTR and RTS signals on
     the line.

     lmc%d: deasserting DTR and RTS  The card is not sending DTR and RTS sig-
     nals on the line.

     lmc%d: Abnormal interrupt  The card received an incomplete request. This
     may be a sign of a hardware fault.

     lmc%d: tx_intr: failed to dequeue mbuf?!?  Only available if compiled
     with LMC_DEBUG.

     lmc%d: txput: tx not running  Problem from tulip. Only available if com-
     piled with LMC_DEBUG.


     netintro(4), sppp(4), ifconfig(8), lmccontrol(8)

     Lan Media Corporation has a web site with data, descriptions, and pic-
     tures of their cards at www.lanmedia.com.


     The lmc device driver was written by Michael Graff, and was derived in
     part from Matt Thomas' de(4) driver. The OpenBSD port and manual page are
     from Chris Cappuccio. Later enhancements to support the LMC1200 card are
     based on LMC's Linux driver.

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