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     cnw - Xircom CreditCard Netwave device driver


     cnw* at pcmcia? function ?


     The cnw device driver provides support for Xircom CreditCard Netwave
     (also known as Netwave Airsurfer) PCMCIA wireless network adapters.

     The wireless domain number and scrambling key can be specified by the
     following kernel configuration options:

             Selects what access point(s) to talk to, by their domain number.
             Values from 0 to 0x1ff are valid; 0x100 is the default if this
             option is not defined.

             Selects the scramble key for domains that are scrambled. Values
             from 0 to 0x1ff are valid; 0 (no scrambling) is the default if
             this option is not defined.


     intro(4), netintro(4), pcmcia(4), rln(4), wi(4), ifconfig(8)


     The cnw device driver appeared in OpenBSD 2.6.


     Multicasting or receiver promiscuity is not supported yet.

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