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attrs(3p)       Perl Programmers Reference Guide        attrs(3p)


     attrs - set/get attributes of a subroutine (deprecated)


         sub foo {
             use attrs qw(locked method);

         @a = attrs::get(\&foo);


     NOTE: Use of this pragma is deprecated.  Use the syntax

         sub foo : locked method { }

     to declare attributes instead.  See also attributes.

     This pragma lets you set and get attributes for subroutines.
     Setting attributes takes place at compile time; trying to
     set invalid attribute names causes a compile-time error.
     Calling "attrs::get" on a subroutine reference or name
     returns its list of attribute names. Notice that
     "attrs::get" is not exported. Valid attributes are as fol-

         Indicates that the invoking subroutine is a method.

         Setting this attribute is only meaningful when the sub-
         routine or method is to be called by multiple threads.
         When set on a method subroutine (i.e. one marked with
         the method attribute above), perl ensures that any invo-
         cation of it implicitly locks its first argument before
         execution. When set on a non-method subroutine, perl
         ensures that a lock is taken on the subroutine itself
         before execution. The semantics of the lock are exactly
         those of one explicitly taken with the "lock" operator
         immediately after the subroutine is entered.

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