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Text::Tabs(3p)  Perl Programmers Reference Guide   Text::Tabs(3p)


     Text::Tabs -- expand and unexpand tabs per the unix
     expand(1) and unexpand(1)


       use Text::Tabs;

       $tabstop = 4;
       @lines_without_tabs = expand(@lines_with_tabs);
       @lines_with_tabs = unexpand(@lines_without_tabs);


     Text::Tabs does about what the unix utilities expand(1) and
     unexpand(1) do.  Given a line with tabs in it, expand will
     replace the tabs with the appropriate number of spaces.
     Given a line with or without tabs in it, unexpand will add
     tabs when it can save bytes by doing so.  Invisible compres-
     sion with plain ascii!


     expand doesn't handle newlines very quickly -- do not feed
     it an entire document in one string.  Instead feed it an
     array of lines.


     Copyright (C) 1996-2002,2005 David Muir Sharnoff. Copyright
     (C) 2005 Aristotle Pagaltzis This module may be modified,
     used, copied, and redistributed at your own risk. Publicly
     redistributed modified versions must use a different name.

perl v5.8.8                2005-02-05                           1

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