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     Term::Complete - Perl word completion module


         $input = Complete('prompt_string', \@completion_list);
         $input = Complete('prompt_string', @completion_list);


     This routine provides word completion on the list of words
     in the array (or array ref).

     The tty driver is put into raw mode and restored using an
     operating system specific command, in UNIX-like environments

     The following command characters are defined:

         Attempts word completion. Cannot be changed.

     ^D  Prints completion list. Defined by

     ^U  Erases the current input. Defined by

     <del>, <bs>
         Erases one character. Defined by $Term::Complete::erase1
         and $Term::Complete::erase2.


     Bell sounds when word completion fails.


     The completion character <tab> cannot be changed.


     Wayne Thompson

perl v5.8.8                2005-02-05                           1

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