MirOS Manual: PerlIO::encoding(3p)



     PerlIO::encoding - encoding layer


       open($f, "<:encoding(foo)", "infoo");
       open($f, ">:encoding(bar)", "outbar");

       use Encode qw(:fallbacks);
       $PerlIO::encoding::fallback = FB_PERLQQ;


     Open a filehandle with a transparent encoding filter.

     On input, convert the bytes expected to be in the specified
     character set and encoding to Perl string data (Unicode and
     Perl's internal Unicode encoding, UTF-8).  On output, con-
     vert Perl string data into the specified character set and

     When the layer is pushed the current value of
     $PerlIO::encoding::fallback is saved and used as the CHECK
     argument when calling the Encode methods encode() and


     open, Encode, "binmode" in perlfunc, perluniintro

perl v5.8.8                2005-02-05                           1

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