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ExtUtils::MksymliPerl3Programmers ReferenExtUtils::Mksymlists(3p)


     ExtUtils::Mksymlists - write linker options files for
     dynamic extension


         use ExtUtils::Mksymlists;
         Mksymlists({ NAME     => $name ,
                      DL_VARS  => [ $var1, $var2, $var3 ],
                      DL_FUNCS => { $pkg1 => [ $func1, $func2 ],
                                    $pkg2 => [ $func3 ] });


     "ExtUtils::Mksymlists" produces files used by the linker
     under some OSs during the creation of shared libraries for
     dynamic extensions.  It is normally called from a MakeMaker-
     generated Makefile when the extension is built.  The linker
     option file is generated by calling the function "Mksym-
     lists", which is exported by default from
     "ExtUtils::Mksymlists". It takes one argument, a list of
     key-value pairs, in which the following keys are recognized:

         This item specifies the name by which the linker knows
         the extension, which may be different from the name of
         the extension itself (for instance, some linkers add an
         '_' to the name of the extension).  If it is not speci-
         fied, it is derived from the NAME attribute.  It is
         presently used only by OS2 and Win32.

         This is identical to the DL_FUNCS attribute available
         via MakeMaker, from which it is usually taken.  Its
         value is a reference to an associative array, in which
         each key is the name of a package, and each value is an
         a reference to an array of function names which should
         be exported by the extension.  For instance, one might
         say "DL_FUNCS => { Homer::Iliad => [ qw(trojans greeks)
         ], Homer::Odyssey => [ qw(travellers family suitors) ]
         }".  The function names should be identical to those in
         the XSUB code; "Mksymlists" will alter the names written
         to the linker option file to match the changes made by
         xsubpp.  In addition, if none of the functions in a list
         begin with the string boot_, "Mksymlists" will add a
         bootstrap function for that package, just as xsubpp
         does.  (If a boot_<pkg> function is present in the list,
         it is passed through unchanged.)  If DL_FUNCS is not
         specified, it defaults to the bootstrap function for the
         extension specified in NAME.

         This is identical to the DL_VARS attribute available via
         MakeMaker, and, like DL_FUNCS, it is usually specified

perl v5.8.8                2005-02-05                           1

ExtUtils::MksymliPerl3Programmers ReferenExtUtils::Mksymlists(3p)

         via MakeMaker.  Its value is a reference to an array of
         variable names which should be exported by the exten-

         This key can be used to specify the name of the linker
         option file (minus the OS-specific extension), if for
         some reason you do not want to use the default value,
         which is the last word of the NAME attribute (e.g. for
         "Tk::Canvas", FILE defaults to "Canvas").

         This provides an alternate means to specify function
         names to be exported from the extension.  Its value is a
         reference to an array of function names to be exported
         by the extension.  These names are passed through unal-
         tered to the linker options file. Specifying a value for
         the FUNCLIST attribute suppresses automatic generation
         of the bootstrap function for the package. To still
         create the bootstrap name you have to specify the pack-
         age name in the DL_FUNCS hash:

             Mksymlists({ NAME     => $name ,
                          FUNCLIST => [ $func1, $func2 ],
                          DL_FUNCS => { $pkg => [] } });

         This attribute is used to specify names to be imported
         into the extension. It is currently only used by OS/2
         and Win32.

         This gives the name of the extension (e.g. "Tk::Canvas")
         for which the linker option file will be produced.

     When calling "Mksymlists", one should always specify the
     NAME attribute.  In most cases, this is all that's neces-
     sary.  In the case of unusual extensions, however, the other
     attributes can be used to provide additional information to
     the linker.


     Charles Bailey <bailey@newman.upenn.edu>


     Last revised 14-Feb-1996, for Perl 5.002.

perl v5.8.8                2005-02-05                           2

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