MirBSD manpage: ExtUtils::MakeMaker::vmsish(3p)

ExtUtils::MakeMakPerlvProgrammers ExtUtils::MakeMaker::vmsish(3p)


     ExtUtils::MakeMaker::vmsish - Platform-agnostic vmsish.pm


       use just like vmsish.pm


     Until 5.8.0, vmsish.pm is only installed on VMS.  This means
     any code which has 'use vmsish' in it won't even compile
     outside VMS.  This makes ExtUtils::MM_VMS very hard to test.

     ExtUtils::MakeMaker::vmsish is just a very thin wrapper
     around vmsish which works just like it on VMS and everywhere
     else it does nothing.

perl v5.8.8                2005-02-05                           1

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