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DirHandle(3p)   Perl Programmers Reference Guide    DirHandle(3p)


     DirHandle - supply object methods for directory handles


         use DirHandle;
         $d = new DirHandle ".";
         if (defined $d) {
             while (defined($_ = $d->read)) { something($_); }
             while (defined($_ = $d->read)) { something_else($_); }
             undef $d;


     The "DirHandle" method provide an alternative interface to
     the opendir(), closedir(), readdir(), and rewinddir() func-

     The only objective benefit to using "DirHandle" is that it
     avoids namespace pollution by creating globs to hold direc-
     tory handles.


     +   On Mac OS (Classic), the path separator is ':', not '/',
         and the current directory is denoted as ':', not '.'.
         You should be careful about specifying relative path-
         names. While a full path always begins with a volume
         name, a relative pathname should always begin with a
         ':'.  If specifying a volume name only, a trailing ':'
         is required.

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