MirOS Manual: Digest::file(3p)

Digest::file(3p)Perl Programmers Reference Guide Digest::file(3p)


     Digest::file - Calculate digests of files


       # Poor mans "md5sum" command
       use Digest::file qw(digest_file_hex);
       for (@ARGV) {
           print digest_file_hex($_, "MD5"), "  $_\n";


     This module provide 3 convenience functions to calculate the
     digest of files.  The following functions are provided:

     digest_file( $file, $algorithm, [$arg,...] )
         This function will calculate and return the binary dig-
         est of the bytes of the given file.  The function will
         croak if it fails to open or read the file.

         The $algorithm is a string like "MD2", "MD5", "SHA-1",
         "SHA-512". Additional arguments are passed to the con-
         structor for the implementation of the given algorithm.

     digest_file_hex( $file, $algorithm, [$arg,...] )
         Same as digest_file(), but return the digest in hex

     digest_file_base64( $file, $algorithm, [$arg,...] )
         Same as digest_file(), but return the digest as a base64
         encoded string.



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