MirOS Manual: DBM_Filter::compress(3p)

DBM_Filter::comprPerl3Programmers ReferenDBM_uFilter::compress(3p)


     DBM_Filter::compress -- compression DBM Filter


         use SDBM_File; # or DB_File, or GDBM_File, or NDBM_File, or ODBM_File
         use DBM_Filter ;

         $db = tie %hash, ...


     This DBM filter will compress all data before it is written
     to the database and uncompressed it on reading.

     A fatal error will be thrown if the Compress::Zlib module is
     not available.


     DBM_Filter, perldbmfilter, Compress::Zlib


     Paul Marquess pmqs@cpan.org

perl v5.8.8                2005-02-05                           1

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