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ext::B::B::BblockPerl Programmers Reference ext::B::B::Bblock(3p)


     B::Bblock - Walk basic blocks


       # External interface
       perl -MO=Bblock[,OPTIONS] foo.pl

       # Programmatic API
       use B::Bblock qw(find_leaders);
       my $leaders = find_leaders($root_op, $start_op);


     This module is used by the B::CC back end.  It walks "basic
     blocks". A basic block is a series of operations which is
     known to execute from start to finish, with no possibility
     of branching or halting.

     It can be used either stand alone or from inside another


           my $leaders = find_leaders($root_op, $start_op);

         Given the root of the op tree and an op from which to
         start processing, it will return a hash ref representing
         all the ops which start a block.

         The values of %$leaders are the op objects themselves.
         Keys are $$op addresses.


     Malcolm Beattie, "mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk"

perl v5.8.8                2005-02-05                           1

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