MirBSD manpage: curs_in_wch(3), in_wch(3), mvin_wch(3), mvwin_wch(3), win_wch(3)

curs_in_wch(3)      UNIX Programmer's Manual       curs_in_wch(3)


     in_wch, mvin_wch, mvwin_wch, win_wch - extract a complex
     character and rendition from a window


     #include <curses.h>

     int in_wch(cchar_t *wcval);
     int mvin_wch(int y, int x, cchar_t *wcval);
     int mvwin_wch(WINDOW *win, int y, int x, cchar_t *wcval);
     int win_wch(WINDOW *win, cchar_t *wcval);


     These functions extract the complex character and rendition
     from the current position in the named window into the
     cchar_t object referenced by wcval.


     No errors are defined in the XSI Curses standard. This
     implementation checks for null pointers, returns ERR in that
     case. Also, the mv routines check for error moving the cur-
     sor, returning ERR in that case. Otherwise they return OK


     Note that all of these routines may be macros.


     These functions are described in the XSI Curses standard,
     Issue 4.


     curses(3), curs_inch(3).

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