MirBSD manpage: strerror(3), strerror_r(3)

STRERROR(3)                BSD Programmer's Manual                 STRERROR(3)


     strerror - get error message string


     #include <string.h>

     char *
     strerror(int errnum);

     strerror_r(int errnum, char *strerrbuf, size_t buflen);


     The strerror() and strerror_r() functions map the error number errnum to
     a language-dependent error message string.

     strerror() returns a string containing a maximum of NL_TEXTMAX charac-
     ters, including the trailing NUL. This string is not to be modified by
     the calling program, but may be overwritten by subsequent calls to strer-

     strerror_r() is a thread safe version of strerror() that places the error
     message in the specified buffer strerrbuf.


     strerror() returns a pointer to the error message string. If an error oc-
     curs, the error code is stored in errno.

     strerror_r() returns zero upon successful completion. If an error occurs,
     the error code is stored in errno and the error code is returned.


     strerror() and strerror_r() may fail if:

     [EINVAL]      errnum is not a valid error number. The returned error
                   string will consist of an error message that includes

     strerror_r() may fail if:

     [ERANGE]      The error message is larger than buflen characters. The
                   message will be truncated to fit.


     intro(2), perror(3), setlocale(3)


     The strerror() function conforms to ANSI X3.159-1989 ("ANSI C89"). The
     strerror_r() function conforms to IEEE Std 1003.1 ("POSIX.1").

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