MirBSD manpage: addnwstr(3), addwstr(3), curs_addwstr(3), mvaddnwstr(3), mvaddwstr(3), mvwaddnwstr(3), mvwaddwstr(3), waddnwstr(3), waddwstr(3)

curs_addwstr(3)     UNIX Programmer's Manual      curs_addwstr(3)


     addwstr, addnwstr, waddwstr, waddnwstr, mvaddwstr,
     mvaddnwstr, mvwaddwstr, mvwaddnwstr - add a string of wide
     characters to a curses window and advance cursor


     #include <curses.h>

     int addwstr(const wchar_t *wstr);
     int addnwstr(const wchar_t *wstr, int n);
     int waddwstr(WINDOW *win, const wchar_t *wstr);
     int waddnwstr(WINDOW *win, const wchar_t *wstr, int n);
     int mvaddwstr(int y, int x, const wchar_t *wstr);
     int mvaddnwstr(int y, int x, const wchar_t *wstr, int n);
     int mvwaddwstr(WINDOW *win, int y, int x, const wchar_t *wstr);
     int mvwaddnwstr(WINDOW *win, int y, int x, const wchar_t *wstr, int n);


     These routines write the characters of the (null-terminated)
     wchar_t  character  string  wstr  on the given window. It is
     similar to constructing a cchar_t for each  wchar_t  in  the
     string, then calling wadd_wch for the resulting cchar_t.

     The mv routines perform cursor movement once, before writing
     any  characters.  Thereafter,  the  cursor  is advanced as a
     side-effect of writing to the window.

     The four routines with n as the last argument write at  most
     n  wchar_t  characters.  If  n is -1, then the entire string
     will be added, up to the maximum number of  characters  that
     will  fit  on  the  line,  or  until  a  terminating null is


     All routines return the integer ERR upon failure and  OK  on


     Note that all of these routines except waddnwstr may be mac-


     All these entry points are described in the XSI Curses stan-
     dard, Issue 4.


     Functions: curses(3), curs_add_wch(3)

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