MirBSD manpage: llround(3), llroundf(3), lround(3), lroundf(3)

LROUND(3)                  BSD Programmer's Manual                   LROUND(3)


     llround, llroundf, lround, lroundf - convert to nearest integral value


     #include <math.h>

     long long
     llround(double x);

     long long
     llroundf(float x);

     lround(double x);

     lroundf(float x);


     The lround() function returns the integer nearest to its argument x,
     rounding away from zero in halfway cases. If the rounded result is too
     large to be represented as a long value, an invalid exception is raised
     and the return value is undefined. Otherwise, if x is not an integer,
     lround() may raise an inexact exception. When the rounded result is
     representable as a long, the expression lround(x) is equivalent to
     (long)round(x) (although the former may be more efficient).

     The llround(), llroundf(), and lroundf() functions differ from lround()
     only in their input and output types.


     lrint(3), math(3), rint(3)


     The llround(), llroundf(), lround(), and lroundf() functions conform to
     ISO/IEC 9899:1999 ("ISO C99").

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