MirBSD manpage: curs_insch(3), insch(3), mvinsch(3), mvwinsch(3), winsch(3)

curs_insch(3)       UNIX Programmer's Manual        curs_insch(3)


     insch, winsch, mvinsch, mvwinsch - insert a character before
     cursor in a curses window


     #include <curses.h>

     int insch(chtype ch);
     int winsch(WINDOW *win, chtype ch);
     int mvinsch(int y, int x, chtype ch);
     int mvwinsch(WINDOW *win, int y, int x, chtype ch);


     These routines insert the character ch before the character
     under the cursor.  All characters to the right of the cursor
     are moved one space to the right, with the possibility of
     the rightmost character on the line being lost. The inser-
     tion operation does not change the cursor position.


     All routines that return an integer return ERR upon failure
     and OK (SVr4 specifies only "an integer value other than
     ERR") upon successful completion, unless otherwise noted in
     the preceding routine descriptions.


     These routines do not necessarily imply use of a hardware
     insert character feature.

     Note that insch, mvinsch, and mvwinsch may be macros.


     These functions are described in the XSI Curses standard,
     Issue 4.



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