MirBSD manpage: ilogb(3), ilogbf(3)

ILOGB(3)                   BSD Programmer's Manual                    ILOGB(3)


     ilogb, ilogbf - an unbiased exponent




     #include <math.h>

     ilogb(double x);

     ilogbf(float x);


     The ilogb() and ilogbf() functions return the exponent of the non-zero
     real floating-point number x as a signed integer value. Formally the re-
     turn value is the integral part of

           log_r | x ,

     where r is the radix of the machine's floating-point arithmetic defined
     by the FLT_RADIX constant in <float.h>.


     As described above, upon successful completion, the functions return the
     exponent. Functionally this is the same as calling the corresponding
     logb(3) function and casting the return value to int.

     The following special cases may occur:

           1.   If x is zero, the value of FP_ILOGB0 is returned and a domain
                error occurs.

           2.   If x is infinite, a domain error occurs and the value of
                INT_MAX is returned.

           3.   If x is NaN, a domain error is raised and the value of
                FP_ILOGBNAN is returned.

           4.   If the correct value is outside the range of the return type,
                a domain error occurs but an unspecified value is returned.


     ilog2(3), logb(3), math(3)


     The described functions conform to ISO/IEC 9899:1999 ("ISO C99").


     Neither FP_ILOGB0 nor FP_ILOGBNAN is defined currently in NetBSD.

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