MirBSD manpage: glVertex(3), glVertex2d(3), glVertex2dv(3), glVertex2f(3), glVertex2fv(3), glVertex2i(3), glVertex2iv(3), glVertex2s(3), glVertex2sv(3), glVertex3d(3), glVertex3dv(3), glVertex3f(3), glVertex3fv(3), glVertex3i(3), glVertex3iv(3), glVertex3s(3), glVertex3sv(3), glVertex4d(3), glVertex4dv(3), glVertex4f(3), glVertex4fv(3), glVertex4i(3), glVertex4iv(3), glVertex4s(3), glVertex4sv(3)

GLVERTEX(3G)        UNIX Programmer's Manual         GLVERTEX(3G)


     glVertex2d, glVertex2f, glVertex2i, glVertex2s, glVertex3d,
     glVertex3f, glVertex3i, glVertex3s, glVertex4d, glVertex4f,
     glVertex4i, glVertex4s, glVertex2dv, glVertex2fv,
     glVertex2iv, glVertex2sv, glVertex3dv, glVertex3fv,
     glVertex3iv, glVertex3sv, glVertex4dv, glVertex4fv,
     glVertex4iv, glVertex4sv - specify a vertex


     void glVertex2d( GLdouble x,
                      GLdouble y )
     void glVertex2f( GLfloat x,
                      GLfloat y )
     void glVertex2i( GLint x,
                      GLint y )
     void glVertex2s( GLshort x,
                      GLshort y )
     void glVertex3d( GLdouble x,
                      GLdouble y,
                      GLdouble z )
     void glVertex3f( GLfloat x,
                      GLfloat y,
                      GLfloat z )
     void glVertex3i( GLint x,
                      GLint y,
                      GLint z )
     void glVertex3s( GLshort x,
                      GLshort y,
                      GLshort z )
     void glVertex4d( GLdouble x,
                      GLdouble y,
                      GLdouble z,
                      GLdouble w )
     void glVertex4f( GLfloat x,
                      GLfloat y,
                      GLfloat z,
                      GLfloat w )
     void glVertex4i( GLint x,
                      GLint y,
                      GLint z,
                      GLint w )
     void glVertex4s( GLshort x,
                      GLshort y,
                      GLshort z,
                      GLshort w )


     x, y, z, w
              Specify x, y, z, and w coordinates of a vertex. Not
              all parameters are present in all forms of the

MirBSD #10-current     Printed 2021-12-07                       1

GLVERTEX(3G)        UNIX Programmer's Manual         GLVERTEX(3G)



     void glVertex2dv( const GLdouble *v )
     void glVertex2fv( const GLfloat *v )
     void glVertex2iv( const GLint *v )
     void glVertex2sv( const GLshort *v )
     void glVertex3dv( const GLdouble *v )
     void glVertex3fv( const GLfloat *v )
     void glVertex3iv( const GLint *v )
     void glVertex3sv( const GLshort *v )
     void glVertex4dv( const GLdouble *v )
     void glVertex4fv( const GLfloat *v )
     void glVertex4iv( const GLint *v )
     void glVertex4sv( const GLshort *v )


     v    Specifies a pointer to an array of two, three, or four
          elements. The elements of a two-element array are x and
          y; of a three-element array, x, y, and z; and of a
          four-element array, x, y, z, and w.


     glVertex commands are used within glBegin/glEnd pairs to
     specify point, line, and polygon vertices. The current
     color, normal, and texture coordinates are associated with
     the vertex when glVertex is called.

     When only x and y are specified, z defaults to 0 and w
     defaults to 1. When x, y, and z are specified, w defaults to


     Invoking glVertex outside of a glBegin/glEnd pair results in
     undefined behavior.


     glBegin(3G), glCallList(3G), glColor(3G), glEdgeFlag(3G),
     glEvalCoord(3G), glIndex(3G), glMaterial(3G),
     glNormal(3G), glRect(3G), glTexCoord(3G),

MirBSD #10-current     Printed 2021-12-07                       2

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