MirBSD manpage: glRect(3), glRectd(3), glRectdv(3), glRectf(3), glRectfv(3), glRecti(3), glRectiv(3), glRects(3), glRectsv(3)

GLRECT(3G)          UNIX Programmer's Manual           GLRECT(3G)


     glRectd, glRectf, glRecti, glRects, glRectdv, glRectfv,
     glRectiv, glRectsv - draw a rectangle


     void glRectd( GLdouble x1,
                   GLdouble y1,
                   GLdouble x2,
                   GLdouble y2 )
     void glRectf( GLfloat x1,
                   GLfloat y1,
                   GLfloat x2,
                   GLfloat y2 )
     void glRecti( GLint x1,
                   GLint y1,
                   GLint x2,
                   GLint y2 )
     void glRects( GLshort x1,
                   GLshort y1,
                   GLshort x2,
                   GLshort y2 )


     x1, y1 Specify one vertex of a rectangle.

     x2, y2 Specify the opposite vertex of the rectangle.


     void glRectdv( const GLdouble *v1,
                    const GLdouble *v2 )
     void glRectfv( const GLfloat *v1,
                    const GLfloat *v2 )
     void glRectiv( const GLint *v1,
                    const GLint *v2 )
     void glRectsv( const GLshort *v1,
                    const GLshort *v2 )


     v1   Specifies a pointer to one vertex of a rectangle.

     v2   Specifies a pointer to the opposite vertex of the rec-


     glRect supports efficient specification of rectangles as two
     corner points. Each rectangle command takes four arguments,
     organized either as two consecutive pairs of (x,y) coordi-
     nates, or as two pointers to arrays, each containing an
     (x,y) pair. The resulting rectangle is defined in the z = 0

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GLRECT(3G)          UNIX Programmer's Manual           GLRECT(3G)


     glRect(x1, y1, x2, y2) is exactly equivalent to the follow-
     ing sequence: glBegin(GL_POLYGON); glVertex2(x1, y1);
     glVertex2(x2, y1); glVertex2(x2, y2); glVertex2(x1, y2);
     glEnd(); Note that if the second vertex is above and to the
     right of the first vertex, the rectangle is constructed with
     a counterclockwise winding.


     GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if glRect is executed
     between the execution of glBegin and the corresponding exe-
     cution of glEnd.


     glBegin(3G), glVertex(3G)

MirBSD #10-current     Printed 2021-12-07                       2

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