MirBSD manpage: glIndex(3), glIndexd(3), glIndexdv(3), glIndexf(3), glIndexfv(3), glIndexi(3), glIndexiv(3), glIndexs(3), glIndexsv(3), glIndexub(3), glIndexubv(3)

GLINDEX(3G)         UNIX Programmer's Manual          GLINDEX(3G)


     glIndexd, glIndexf, glIndexi, glIndexs, glIndexub, glIn-
     dexdv, glIndexfv, glIndexiv, glIndexsv, glIndexubv - set the
     current color index


     void glIndexd( GLdouble c )
     void glIndexf( GLfloat c )
     void glIndexi( GLint c )
     void glIndexs( GLshort c )
     void glIndexub( GLubyte c);  1.1 )


     1.1  Specifies the new value for the current color index.


     void glIndexdv( const GLdouble *c )
     void glIndexfv( const GLfloat *c )
     void glIndexiv( const GLint *c )
     void glIndexsv( const GLshort *c )
     void glIndexubv( const GLubyte *c);  1.1 )


     1.1  Specifies a pointer to a one-element array that con-
          tains the new value for the current color index.


     glIndex updates the current (single-valued) color index. It
     takes one argument, the new value for the current color

     The current index is stored as a floating-point value.
     Integer values are converted directly to floating-point
     values, with no special mapping. The initial value is 1.

     Index values outside the representable range of the color
     index buffer are not clamped. However, before an index is
     dithered (if enabled) and written to the frame buffer, it is
     converted to fixed-point . Any bits in the integer portion
     of the resulting fixed-point value that do not correspond to
     bits in the frame buffer are masked out.


     glIndexub and glIndexubv are available only if the GL ver-
     sion is 1.1 or greater.

     The current index can be updated at any time. In particular,
     glIndex can be called between a call to glBegin and the
     corresponding call to glEnd.

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GLINDEX(3G)         UNIX Programmer's Manual          GLINDEX(3G)


     glGet with argument GL_CURRENT_INDEX


     glColor(3G), glIndexPointer(3G)

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