MirBSD manpage: glGetTexEnv(3), glGetTexEnvfv(3), glGetTexEnviv(3)

GLGETTEXENV(3G)     UNIX Programmer's Manual      GLGETTEXENV(3G)


     glGetTexEnvfv, glGetTexEnviv - return texture environment


     void glGetTexEnvfv( GLenum target,
                         GLenum pname,
                         GLfloat *params )
     void glGetTexEnviv( GLenum target,
                         GLenum pname,
                         GLint *params )


     target  Specifies a texture environment. Must be

     pname   Specifies the symbolic name of a texture environment
             parameter. Accepted values are GL_TEXTURE_ENV_MODE
             and GL_TEXTURE_ENV_COLOR.

     params  Returns the requested data.


     glGetTexEnv returns in params selected values of a texture
     environment that was specified with glTexEnv. target speci-
     fies a texture environment. Currently, only one texture
     environment is defined and supported: GL_TEXTURE_ENV.

     pname names a specific texture environment parameter, as

               params returns the single-valued texture environ-
               ment mode, a symbolic constant. The initial value
               is GL_MODULATE.

               params returns four integer or floating-point
               values that are the texture environment color.
               Integer values, when requested, are linearly
               mapped from the internal floating-point represen-
               tation such that 1.0 maps to the most positive
               representable integer, and -1.0 maps to the most
               negative representable integer. The initial value
               is (0, 0, 0, 0).


     If an error is generated, no change is made to the contents
     of params.

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GLGETTEXENV(3G)     UNIX Programmer's Manual      GLGETTEXENV(3G)

     When the GL_ARB_multitexture extension is supported,
     glGetTexEnv returns the texture environment parameters for
     the active texture unit.


     GL_INVALID_ENUM is generated if target or pname is not an
     accepted value.

     GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if glGetTexEnv is executed
     between the execution of glBegin and the corresponding exe-
     cution of glEnd.


     glActiveTextureARB(3G), glTexEnv(3G)

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