MirBSD manpage: getbsize(3)

GETBSIZE(3)                BSD Programmer's Manual                 GETBSIZE(3)


     getbsize - get user block size


     #include <stdlib.h>

     char *
     getbsize(int *headerlenp, long *blocksizep);


     The getbsize() function determines the user's preferred block size based
     on the value of the BLOCKSIZE environment variable; see environ(7) for
     details on its use and format.

     The getbsize() function returns a pointer to a NUL-terminated string
     describing the block size, something like "1K-blocks". The memory refer-
     enced by headerlenp is filled in with the length of the string (not in-
     cluding the terminating NUL byte). The memory referenced by blocksizep is
     filled in with the block size, in bytes.

     If the user's block size is unreasonable, a warning message is written to
     standard error and the returned information reflects a block size of 512


     df(1), du(1), ls(1), systat(1), environ(7)


     The getbsize function first appeared in 4.4BSD.

MirBSD #10-current               June 4, 1993                                1

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