MirBSD manpage: endnetgrent(3), getnetgrent(3), innetgr(3), setnetgrent(3)

GETNETGRENT(3)             BSD Programmer's Manual              GETNETGRENT(3)


     getnetgrent, innetgr, setnetgrent, endnetgrent - netgroup database opera-


     #include <netgroup.h>

     getnetgrent(const char **host, const char **user, const char **domain);

     innetgr(const char *netgroup, const char *host, const char *user,
             const char *domain);

     setnetgrent(const char *netgroup);



     These functions operate on the netgroup database file /etc/netgroup.db
     which is described in netgroup(5). The database defines a set of net-
     groups, each made up of one or more triples:

           (host, user, domain)

     that defines a combination of host, user, and domain. Any of the three
     fields may be specified as "wildcards" that match any string.

     The function getnetgrent() sets the three pointer arguments to the
     strings of the next member of the current netgroup. If any of the string
     pointers are NULL, those fields are considered wildcards.

     The functions setnetgrent() and endnetgrent() set the current netgroup
     and terminate the current netgroup respectively. If setnetgrent() is
     called with a different netgroup than the previous call, an implicit end-
     netgrent() is implied. setnetgrent() also sets the offset to the first
     member of the netgroup.

     The function innetgr() searches for a match of all fields within the
     specified group. If any of the host, user, or domain arguments are NULL,
     those fields will match any string value in the netgroup member.


     The function getnetgrent() returns 0 for "no more netgroup members" or 1
     otherwise. The function innetgr() returns 1 for a successful match or 0
     otherwise. The functions setnetgrent() and endnetgrent() have no return


     /etc/netgroup.db  netgroup database file




     The function getnetgrent() returns pointers to dynamically allocated data
     areas that are free(3)'d when the function endnetgrent() is called.

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